Meet Council Member Steve Madison


Steve Madison has demonstrated time and again that he knows how to get things done for Pasadena and its residents.  Steve has been a leader from his first day on the City Council, working hard to strengthen and protect our neighborhoods; improve our schools; keep our city finances strong; fight homelessness; and improve our quality of life.  Here are  a few of the major accomplishments from his time on Council:

  • Has consistently stood with West Pasadena neighborhoods to oppose senseless overdevelopment and the resulting traffic and congestion.
  • Led the fight to kill the 710-freeway extension which would have destroyed hundreds of homes and subjected neighborhoods to major traffic and air pollution from heavy trucks.
  • Pushed to acquire Desiderio from the Federal Government and build affordable single-family housing on the site – along with a new neighborhood park.
  •  Rebuilt La Loma Street Bridge and renamed it in honor of the late John Van de Kamp.
  •  Council’s strongest voice on environmental issues. Led the effort to adopt environmentally sound building codes and to fight global warming by conserving energy and reducing emissions. Strong advocate  for more parks and open space.
  • Worked with community and Police Department to substantially reduce crime.
  •  Worked hard to keep Pasadena financially secure after the Great Recession, cutting City expenses while maintaining vital services.
  •  Campaigned for Measures I & J, which eliminated the City’s structural deficit and allowed us to build a strong “rainy day” reserve to cope with future economic downturns.
  •  Backed decision for City to share I & J revenues with our public schools – providing over $7-million annually so all children in Pasadena can reach their full potential.
  • Helped persuade PUSD to reverse course and keep San Rafael School open.
  •  Supported raising Pasadena’s minimum wage to $15-an-hour.
  •  Insists developers must include affordable housing as part of every new project.


Steve  has lived in Pasadena since 1992.  Raised in Northern California, he attended public schools and graduated from the University of Santa Clara with a B.A. in English before attending Boston College and USC Law Schools. In addition to his J.D. degree he has a Master of Public Administration from USC.


Steve is a former Assistant United States Attorney for the Central District of California (Los Angeles).  An extraordinarily successful  prosecutor, Steve handled major federal criminal cases including those involving narcotics and political corruption.

He is now in private practice, a partner in the highly-respected Los Angeles-based law firm of Quinn, Emanuel, Urquhart and Sullivan.